Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Destinations so far.

So since nics been bloggin its all a bit muddled up.

I left of last in Albufiera in portugal, nic had left to go to australia and jamie and steven were on the boat, we left to head to gibraltar but the marina in albufiera had no fuel, so we stopped at villamoura for fuel, this cost us time and we would have hid bad currents at the strait of gibraltar so we anchorder at isla du culatra.

We got to gib thge next day and jamie left back for scotland the day after.

Steven spent a month in Gib, doing lots of things to the boat, nic returned at the end of june, we left gib for estapona, where we filled up all the gas tanks. Then headed to mar menor where we got robbed, then torrievieja, sanantonia in ibiza, portanatx in ibiza. Next majorca where we anchored at santa ponca, magaluf, andratx and palma nova before heading to sardinia.

We have been anchoring non stop since leaving Gibraltar since we are now in expensive marina land. the kobra 2 anchor has been great, only once did it not set immediately and when we pulled it there was a bin bag wrapped around it.

The second hand watermaker I bought has packed in ( a katadyne powersurvivor 40e ) I think it is some one way valve that has went ,as the water in the output sucks back into the membrane , apparently not user serviceable according to the manual. I don't think I will be getting it repaired. I might just get a spectra unit, which uses far less power and produces enough water to keep up with nic pouring it all down the sink after I've made it.

The boat rolling in anchorages is a pain, but you eventually get used to it in all but the worst of conditions. I am slowly getting used to the med style of dropping anchors almost on top of each other, but some still bug me when they do it when there is no real need for it, just to be in a slightly more sheltered part, but bloody close should the wind kick up, shame on them!

The rudder bearings are playing up, they have always had a bit of play in them since I bought the boat, but as time goes on it is getting to the stage where they have to be done, lots of nasty noises coming from the rudder stock in the rougher weather and a gentle knocking in the calm.

On of the backstay chainplates has a small crack in it, some crevice corrosion, I will get it replaced at the same time as the bearings and the boat will be ship shape for the Atlantic. The engine has been significantly less smoke and used much less oil after a few oil changes, just shows the difference regular servicing makes! All in all the boat is doing very well, it's had a hard live and is standing up well to it!

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