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Balearics Ibiza Majorca - Nics diary part three

Nics Diary – Part 3 18/7/12

We had fun in San Antonio, Ibiza. We anchored in the bay for a few nights, and I got really drunk and enjoyed a wee boogie on the Saturday night. Poor Stevie had to stay sober whilst I enjoyed myself, so he could help me home (on and off the dingy) Thanks xx. San Antonio is pretty much what you would expect – full of young ones partying all night (terrible!!). Not as big as I expected though.

San Antonio bay Ibiza
We are pretty much self-sufficient these days with regards to power and water. (I have also planted my little herb garden on board, growing parsley, basil, and most importantly mint for my mojitos!). To save a fortune on marinas, we now live at anchor and only go to that ‘hot land place’ on occasions. Unfortunately we haven’t really met anyone at anchor – It has tended to be rich people with their fancy big power boats, or charter boats with a million Spanish squashed on them. The Balearic islands seem to lack cruisers and sea gypsies (like ourselves). The charters have given us a good laugh though. Just watching how little they know about boats  - in particular anchoring (says nic the sailor!!). We had a good laugh at one particular charter boat that squeezed 9 people on their 3 man dingy. The top of the dingy sat about 1 inch above the water level. We watched and waited for one of the power boats (tidal wave makers as we now call them) with a lot of wake to come along and capsize them, but lucky for them it didn’t – gave us a good laugh though!
We bought ourselves 2 lilos (lazy and lilly) with arm chair backs and drink holders – a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Stevie tried to tow me on mine with the dingy but I kept going under – haven’t giggled so much in a long time. We must have looked like we were having fun as a nice neighbor took a photo and emailed it to us.

After a few nights at San Antonio, we moved around the corner to Portanatx in Ibiza, then crossed to Majorca and stayed at Santa Ponca, for a couple of nights. It is a wee bit bigger than San Antonio and caters more for families and couples – but still really busy. I was looking forward to a beach BBQ and a nice fire, but both islands were far too busy. We stayed a few nights in a couple of different anchorages at Majorca, and found Magaluf a little more fun than expected. A power boat advertising Bombay Sapphire anchored near us and 2 girls on a dingy came over and offered us a couple of free promotional gin and tonics. Very posh! It was funny though cos when they came over I was in the middle of shaving Stevies head as we had bought some clippers.  I think they got a bit of a shock!

The free G n T's
Bombay Sapphire Boat

Bush fires appear to be quite common on Majorca, and I spent a good part of a day watching a wee yellow plane scoop up sea water then dump it on the hill side. (yes it’s a hard life on a yacht watching the world fly by!)

Crazy Diamond has developed a wee problem with her rudder. Apparently one of the bearings is going and it is starting to make a ‘clunk’ noise. Stevie spoke to a company about fixing it, but they were unsure exactly what is wrong and it could take anything from 1 day to 3 months to get the part and fix it, depending on which bearing it is. This isn’t very good news, especially when we could not live on the boat on the hard in this particular place, and the cost of renting an apartment in the height of holiday season is a bit much when you are on a budget. So after much consideration, the captain (Stevie) made an executive decision to continue to Sardinia. In Sardinia there is a Dufour dealer, who should have a better idea of the problem, and timescale to fix it. So, at present we are more than half way to Sardinia, and so far so good (fingers crossed)!

Yesterday, when we left Majorca, we participated in (gate crashed) a yacht race. We were doing over  8kts in 25kts of wind. We really should have reefed the sails, but we were having fun, and Stevie was determined to beat a couple of the other yachts. We were so heeled over that my hair was almost dangling in the water when I turned the winch – great fun! (Don’t worry mum – we won’t go that fast when you are here – I promise!)

The Yacht Race in Palma Bayadk 0 xxx????? .,;'[]-

There hasn’t been much in the way of wildlife in the last week or so. We are thinking that dolphins don’t like the med as much, or maybe they have fallen out with me cos I was so scared the last time I saw them (Nics Diary – Part 1). Although today we did see a turtle in the water. I was busy giving it ‘aww how cute’ then Stevie pointed out that it was dead – maybe not so cute!
It’s really dark and spooky on my watch tonight – no idea where Mr Moon is hiding, anyway I will not let my imagination run wild tonight. Approximately 21hrs to Sardinia – think I will occupy myself with some star gazing for the rest of my watch. Still having a ball – miss you all millions, talk soon, luv nic xx

Good Night xx

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  1. Hey sister, more smiles and giggles about your trip. It sounds great, but next time I want to see photos with you and stevie in them. Sounds like you are having a ball it really does!! So happy for you xxx
    Things down under are cool and Jess is now off to Mackay for the week and then he will fly home on friday and out to Auckland on sat. Think he is enjoying all this socialising with different gps of people.
    We went to B&Bs on sat night for bretts bday, played zilch (remember the dice game??) and also had a few drinks. We also had one of his work buddies from melb staying for the weekend, so was cool.
    I have just been busy in the lab and keeping out of trouble, just doing some long days and trying to keep my head above water. Think I will get my first paper submitted in the next month or so... thinking if it should be Mountford or Hughes et al!! Prob the later seen as I now have my marriage certificate, just need to get all my ids changed over to my new name.
    Other than that doing some dancing & yoga- the usual and will go to learn how to set up my winter vegie patch on sat. Need to give my garden some TLC too- great to hear about the herb garden, always good to have those growing. Just might be difficult for the plants, seen as their location is always changing.
    Sorry to say, but the moon is with me just now... its new and it makes me feel pretty happy. It will be back with you soon i hope. I have arranged to skype neil this weekend. its 11pm glasgow time i think- it's hard to calculate the time zones xxx Love you millions and going to watch a really scary doco on the oceans tonight... will let you know how it goes and also hope you are still studying about the altantic- it's a monster coming to eat you up!!! Love you millions xxxxx


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