Tuesday, 3 July 2012

We got robbed!!!

You may have noticed the lack of photos. well we sailed from gibraltar to mar menor via estapona for a gas refill. While anchored outside of mar menor, the first night actually, we were both a bit tipsy, we had met our first Scottish cruisers , a boat called Scotia, steven had a few beers with them , nic got wrecked on the boat, both of us fell asleep and forgot to remove the valuables from the cocpit, several days later when we noticed we could not find out cameras, we realised someone had came aboard at the anchorage and helped themselves to our cameras, portable gps and portable vhf.

Lesson learned ,pack everything away before opening the beers!!!!


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    oh dear i bet steven wasnt pleased , i wonder who got the blame lol

  2. Why not install a CCTV on your boat? They are so high-tech these days that it can be installed even on boats. I guess you guys learned your lesson. You know how burglars are: they don’t care where they commit their crime, as long as they get something.

    Guy Cheadle


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Nic n Steve.