Thursday, 16 August 2012

A quick update

Well so far we have been robbed twice, once boarded in Mar Menor in Spain and the dinghy and outboard stolen in Calvi - Corsica, so my message is simple, do not get lulled into thinking a place is very safe . When you see several hundred boats and no one locking their dinghy , do not think it is safe. The non local boat is instantly the target, it makes sense from a thief's point of view, the are much safer to steal from a foreigners boat. If you go out at night leave lights on and music, make it look like someone is home, both times we have been robbed was when we were asleep at night, leave a light on even when on board, it will make it look like you are awake.

So since Majorca we have visited Sardinia where we got a fine for putting our dinghy on the beach, do not beach your dinghy in Italy it is forbidden.

We also visited Corsica, nic will do her blog update with photos soon.

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