Thursday, 26 January 2012

Where to start?

I met Nic in April 2011 on the bonnie bonnie banks of loch lomond (loch is a Scottish word for lake) ,a very beautiful and special place, commonly referred by people of Glasgow as their back garden (yard for Americans).

My story starts a few years earlier, I had worked on a fishing boat in the North sea of Scotland for a while in my youth, it was heaven and hell at the same time. It was back then I developed an affinity for the sea, every time I went on holiday to an exotic place I had to include a boat trip, yet the thought of ever owning one of my own never crossed my mind.

One drunken night in April 2009 Myself and my friend William were having a wee drink or two , OK we were getting well and truly plastered! He told me of some friends who have little boats, who go up the "loch" and have fun, camp and do MEN things. The next thing we know I'm on ebay bidding on a little jet boat, the day after, we did an almost 1000 mile trip to collect the boat.

Now Scotland , being Scotland, Sunny days are few and far between, but boy when they come it is one beautiful place and boy was I waiting for a sunny day! I just wanted the first trip out on the boat to be special a  memory to take to the grave. After several weeks of waiting the sunny day came and off we went. Scotland being Scotland once again, the sunny day lasted half the day then the skies opened up, but by then we had successfully managed to slip the boat get her started  and get moving, of course we had a few cold ones on the way ;)

Boy was that jet boat scary, bear in mind we have 3 blokes, not one of them had ever driven a speed boat or had much boating knowledge, prancing about in a boat than did nearly 70mph, while drunk!  By the grace of god or sheer good luck , we never broke or anything killed anyone. Now I don't recommend to others to do this, but I can't advise you not to . At least we had the sense enough to buy life jackets!

The jet boat first day out at Loch Lomond

It was this day that was to change the direction of my life.

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