Friday, 27 January 2012


At this point in my life I was single, I would love to add Young and Free, ok maybe freeish, but you really don't realize how tied up your life is by things. The more things you have , the more ties you have to anyone one place, removing all the things certainly makes you more portable!

The young part , well late thirties, it all depend on which way in time you are looking!

I was enjoying boating on the Loch and working towards sailing around the world, I has a kind of plan, but nothing set in stone, just a general "This is what I'd like to do sometime soonish".

One day in April 2010 I met Nic, she was camping on the loch, complete with the most slow dog I've ever come upon in my life, granted the dog was a pensioner, but walked with a drunken stagger. She had her fishing lines out and camp fire built, she even had a kitchen sink (ok plastic tub). I was on a boat with a sink that even had hot and cold running water , but being a typical man was still using plastic cups and paper plates rather than do the dishes  ;)

We chatted and drunk beer and had snacks, the next day I took her for a spin on the boat to wallaby Island . It took much convincing to make her believe that there are kangaroo type creatures in the wild in Scotland, but after seeing some she became a believer, but I never managed to convince her of giraffe island ( On a side note I must apologize to the English tourists whom I convinced there were monkeys on the adjacent island and sent them off looking for them).

Nic has been planning on emigrating to Australia , but planned to do a few years traveling before hand, I told her of my dream to travel around the world in a yacht and we hit it off.

It is now almost a year later and we are almost ready to leave, she hopes we can leave on our first years anniversary, it would be nice to do so. I have just turned the big four oh, they say life begins at forty, for me this just may be true!

Nic the second day I met her on a rare sunny Scottish day!

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