Friday, 27 January 2012

The idea to sail around the world!

Having gotten into boating in a big way, I made the fatal mistake, I bought a boating magazine!

I was enjoying boating so much, but the fuel prices and fuel burnt was a different story. I had been on a couple of sailing yachts in my time, but had never thought of owning one. Leafing through the pages of the glossy yachting magazine I came to an article entitled Sea Gypsies.

The article covered people sailing around the world on their yachts, I never thought such a thing was possible on small boats, you just don't think of it! I was hooked again, it was like finding a dream you never knew you had, but was there all along, you just never noticed it!

I had a long hard think on my finances, I had some money aside and had made a bit on property going up, I did my homework, figured out the budgets . The cost of cruising  is one hotly debated subject, Lets say it can be done from maybe $8000 a year on a small budget, to the sky is the limit. Figure on around 20-30000 US $ a year and you'll be in the middle class comfort zone. I reckoned I could afford a few years out, without being knocked back into the ground when I was forced to start working again.

I'd love to say that I set a timescale and planned it all out, but no, I just jumped in yet again. I had this dream, now how do I make it happen?

First things first , sell everything, you name it, don't need it, sell it! One thing planning all this has taught me, is don't buy anything new, you just waste money, buy nearly new , get the same thing for a fraction of the price.
The second thing it has taught me , is just how little you need to live, all this "crap" and it is crap we surround ourselves with, do we really need it?

So wrapping up my life, I stopped buying anything I really, really didn't need.Started scanning for anything I did need on websites , classified adds and saved a fortune! I realized how much I had wasted, simply going through my wardrobe , the amount of items bought , but never worn or worn once, how wasteful I had become.


  1. you pair are so brave, so very proud of you xx you are going to have so much fun love you

  2. Well, its official now- I have now made your website my homepage, so hopefully every time I log on to my computer you will get some $$?? Also, look forward to hearing about your progress around the med, hopefully you will get a map up soon and then I can track where you are and when. Make sure YOU BOTH keep writing, about where you are and what you are doing, even if it involves 600Euro taxi fares, love to you both xxx

  3. PS lets see a photo of you on the bike


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