Thursday, 26 January 2012

Moving up in boats

Loch Lomond in the moring.
So I had caught the boating bug, hook line and sinker! Several months after buying the little jet boat I was out boat shopping. Now a jet boat is great fun, but you could never say it is practical in any way shape or form!

I don't mind camping out, which is what we did to begin with, but a boat you could sleep on would have been nice, and i think a much more fun way to waste money than a new car, so the money I had aside for a new car got diverted to a new to me boat.

What a steep learning curve boating is, by sheer luck or fate I actually made a fairly good choice for my second boat, it was still bought on a whim with not a great deal of thought put into it.

The next boat was a Sealine S24, good well made motor boats and she served me well in my 2 years of ownership.

Beached on Loch Lomond in the narrows.

I had moved up in the boating world!


Boys day out

Though perhaps not moved up in class (240 cans of beer were consumed this day  by 5 blokes!)
A rare sunny Scottish day!

Believe it or not , that's the sun rising!

And the sun setting! As we are so far north the sun takes several hours to set

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