Sunday, 6 May 2012

La Coruna - Spain

Well we made it to Spain, We had a great start then became becalmed for two days . The first two days were great if bumpy, we tanked it along, hitting ten knots fairly often, and at hull speed the majority of the time, even with the sails reduced to their first reefing points. Nic complained about the difficulty in cooking, but hey it was a great run and we were looking at a record passage. Then it just stopped as if someone had thrown a switch, 2-3 knots of wind.

To make matters worse , Steven had decided half a tank of fuel was sufficient, ie enough to get to shore in an emergency, but not quite enough to motor the remaining 200 miles to Spain, so wait for wind we did, we motored as far as we thought safe on the fuel tank gauge, we even removed the fuel sender and dipped the tank with a pole measured the tank, and worked out the cubic volume , realising we had 56 litres of fuel remaining and 90NM left it would be prudent not to try and motor all the way, we ran till we had an inch in the tank and waited.

Our prayers were answered at around 2am on friday night with 14kn of wind on the beam and we rocketed the remaining 90nm to spain.

We had a little stowaways en route, nick named them tic tack  & toe, they made our boat their home for a night!

So we are tied up in Marina La Coruna, in the north west of Spain, a pretty nice place and reasonable rates, it a bit tight on space, I think the staff were trying to guide me to the pontoon behind where we are, as the finger barely stretches the boat length and the gaps in the fingers are less than the length of the boat, getting back out is going to be fun!

The first night was funny, Jamie went and got extremely drunk and went off for more booze with some guy he met at the bar who was doing a cat delivery, the next morning no sign of him and the cat was gone, eventually he turned up late afternoon, telling us in his drunkenness, he had got a taxi, which had taken him to the wrong marina, he had promptly went up to the first finger and crawled into the last boat on the left, which was not our boat.

3 Englishmen awoke to a mad hungover, still part drunk Scottishman sleeping in their main saloon, he had climbed into the wrong boat in the wrong marina! Thankfully thy were all light hearted about it all.


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