Monday, 14 May 2012

Figuiera da foz - Portugal

So we stayed in La coruna longer than expected due to strong head winds and finally when we got a decent weather gap to head south we were becalmed after only half a day, so on came the engine and we motored almost 200 miles.

So the fuel gauge on the boat is not the most linear, it took 28 hours of motoring to leave the full position and only 13 hours more to reach the quarter tank level, this would explain the lack of range I had when crossing Biscay when we were becalmed the last two days.

We had a minor disaster, when the gas ran out mid pizza making and the camping gas adapters I had got for Europe would not fit the existing gas fittings. After much head scratching and one piece of cut pipe and 2 jubilee clips later we had a working gas system.

So far not much has broke, one shackle on the vang control lines snapped and one clip on the transom guard rail gave up the ghost.

We made an attempt at La Coruna to rig up the solar panels, all the fittings I had got for a over Bimini job would turn out to have to be made to work on an over transom fitting, we don't have a rigid vang, which means the boom continually tends to lower itself and need tightened up, after noting bends in the bimini frame , no doubt caused by the boom, a transom mount for the solar became a must, by sheer fate or luck or our skill, we managed to arrange the fittings in a way to make the panels fit on the rear of the bimini. Will upload some pics later, the net here is not the greatest.

So far the wifi wand ( a wi fi extender) has been a great piece of kit and one of the most used better purchases I made. If you like your internet, some sort of long range wifi device is a must.

Massive beaches at figuiera da foz
Jamie, actucally sleeping like this!
Jamie , no idea what hes up to  ;)

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