Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We are off

Well we set off, made it to the isle of man then on to Dublin, waiting out a storm before we can make way...

So we left Ardrossan made it to the isle of man, the first port was so rolly we left after breakfast then left for another cove, which was much more sheltered, then became rolly as soon as bedtime came.... GRRR

So we upped and left and headed down to Dublin, we stayed there for three days, had a minor hiccup when I went down into the main saloon and there was water everywhere, somehow a bucket had got jammed in the aft heads sink , which in turn knocked the mixer tap over, which then got under the tap and turned it on, pumping several hundred liters of fresh water from the tank all over the place.

We stayed in Dublin for three nights waiting oujt a storm, then headed down to Cork in the south of Ireland, arriving in the midst of some boating fair , which was pure manic, boats belting about in every which direction possible.

We holed up in cork for another three days, avoiding yet another storm then headed off for Spain.

Isle Of man

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  1. looking good.
    where are yous at now?
    keep them piccys coming!


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