Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

I toyed with a water maker at the beginning, they are expensive and consume energy are prone to breakdowns and require maintenance and upkeep. Lots of pros n cons, but as luck would have it , I found a nearly new used katadyn powersurvivor 40e at a great price and locally as well!

So it is now almost fitted, can't find T pieces to plumb into the heads water in and drainage, but pics below, i fitted the main unit under the cabin sole next to the aft heads where there was a very convenient power supply and holes for the pipes to go through.

I bonded on some wood to mount the pump and filters, scarified the wood and used 5200

I then mounted the filter and pipes, the filter has a selector for fresh water or sea water
The water maker is mounted in the bilge next to the aft heads

Now all  I need is some T pieces of the right size, the ones that came with the katadyn are not correct for the pipe sizes. as always, nothing is ever simple!

The katadyn power survivor 40e can be manually operated in an emergency, but its hard work!  It produces about 5.5 litres per hour for 4 amps, fingers crossed I will run it once the batteries have been topped up by the solar and I have excess energy by mid day (hopefully  ;)  ).

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  1. Bloodey hell Nicola, enough of the water pipes! I go to look for you on Facebook and find your sailing round the world, on a yacht!!

    FANTASTIC, well done. Will keep an eye on here

    Alison McCrossan x


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