Sunday, 17 March 2013

Martinique then St Lucia

So we left Guadeloupe after a few days and headed down to martinique to fort du france, very rolly with the ferry traffic during the day, stayed only a few days then down to St Lucia- Rodney bay where we are now, lively and feels a bit like the med with jets skis, speed boats and the odd power boat. Nic keeps promising to do a proper blog update!!! Maybe one day!


  1. which ways yous headed.
    are yous going to go through the panama canal?
    or are yous going toward Rio de Janeiro?
    is nicola really pregnant? or did she just drink too much wine?
    cmon nic proper update blog!
    all the best.

    m a g i

  2. Hope you enjoy St Lucia. We are now in St Kitts till early next week, then on to St. Barts. St Marten for Easter. Keep Well. Chris & Steve


Thanks for your interest!

Nic n Steve.