Sunday, 3 March 2013


So we finally got off our backsides and left Antigua, we had a great time there and it was very nice to meet so many people and feel like a part of the community, we spent close to 2 months there. My only grump was the cost of beer, just too expensive, but hey rum is very very cheap!!!!! (and also has a very very bad hangover)

So we left Antigua and went down to Guadeloupe, back to all things French, now I did french for 4 years at school, but god I don't know if they take the michael here or just the accents, I will say the same word five times in french , eventually they get someone who speaks english who then goes ahhhh  le vin, in the exact same bloody accent i said it in.. mmmmm

Everyone rabbits on about the bread and cheeses, but we can get the exact same stuff back home, usually tastier and a whole lot cheaper, the restaurants are more like blackpool (poor quality) than haute cusine.

We checked in at daishaies, then moved to the Les Saintes at the bottom of the Island, its quite nice down here, we are waiting for the winds to stop blowing from the south east before trying to head further south.

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  1. Hi Steve and Nic, where are you heading next ? when did you set off ? Bon Voyage cheers Bri Woodruff


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