Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lifting out!

I've not updated the blog for a while, we had a mad dash back from Mallorca to Gibraltar, stopping at Ibiza ,Torrivieja & Mar Menor on the way back, as per usual with the med it was almost all motoring.

We were hoping to change the rudder bearings, one backstay chainplate and a wheel bearing, while adding a spinnaker pole on a track and a rigid boom vang.

As usual with boats things have not went quite to plan, we have much of the work done and are in the process of addding a few extras, while patiently watching the weather for the trip to the canaries.

Many boats are in limbo at the moment due to unseasonably bad weather and winds from the wrong direction.

So we had the boat lifted out to do the rudder bearings and a coat of anti foul, while renewing the bearings we found some play in the rudder between the stock and the rudder itself, which involved cutting some holes in the rudder to repair. then the hot water tank decided to burst, I suppose better now than mid atlantic.

So far we have renewed the backstay chainplates, the rudder bearings, wheel bearing, jib furling line and a few other things, still on the to do list are davits for the dinghy, the spinnaker pole and a rigid boom vang , the last two are in transit and have been for silly amounts of time, could be an issue soon.

Some pics.
Boat in travellift

About to be cradeled

Now this would explain some loss in speed! A large bag like they use in builders.

New paint going on!

Wow a real - large bed, first in six months!

How many Socts, English and South Africans does it take to change a rudder bearing?

Filling in the rudder after the rods were welded.

Doing some pre Atlantic stocking up!

Nic gets her essentials, Chateau du cardboard, well at 1 Euro per liter it can't be bad.

Just when you thought you had enough work, along comes more!
The water ain't supposed to be coming out of this hole!

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