Thursday, 14 June 2012

Well eventually I had to fit them, they have been lying in the aft cabin since we left. Initially I was going to fit them over the bimini and I had bought the appropriate metal work to do the job.

After noticing how many dents were in the bimini frame from the boom hitting it, I decided this was not the best idea in the world, so had to fit them off the transom, normally this would be done in an arch , but fitting an arch on this boat would have been a bit of a nightmare.  Improvisation being the mother of invention, I improvised, all the framework and joins I had bought for the bimini were adopted hacked and various other things done to them and eh voila, we now have a sorts of arch??? Dunno what you would call it , but it works, the minus point is I could only fit four panels when I had five, but I can live with it!

New transport at the bottom.

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