Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bimini vs arch for solar.

The offending stays!
Well I had hoped this would be an easy decision, but to be honest I think the boat has decided for me. After careful examination of the  transom and much head scratching, I will have to go down the bimini route.

The boom on our boat is longer than most, stretching right back to the sugar scoop on the transom, the back stays chain plates are low down on the sugar scoop. there is no way I can get an arch on without having the mast stepped (ie removed), this would be a fairly expensive option. The only other ways would be to have the arch welded around the stays , the welding would need to be done on the boat, or have the arch made in two sections then assemble on board, neither of which I fancy.

I have checked for access and I believe I can deal with the sail cover and reefs with the bimini up ,as if I go ahead with the bimini install it is going to be permanently erected.  I am trying to figure out if I can do a part permanent bimini , ie reinforce the rear section while still allowing the forward section to be folded back somewhat, which allows far better access to the boom, why is everything on a boat so complicated?

I think I will take her out with the bimini up and try to uncover the sail and reef it without dropping the bimini before I go ahead a buy any gear for the bimini mounting frame, time is ticking away , we are still hoping to drop those dock lines for the last time late April

The chain plates on the sugar scoop

The backstays going right through the middle of where an arch would be!

For the non boaties, a Bimini is a kind of folding sun shade with metal poles and canvas which folds out over the back of the back , Stays are normally metal rope which attaches to various parts of the boat holding the mast up. Chain plates are the metal plates which are attached to the boat - front middle and rear and the wires that support the mast are attached to them.

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